Nature's Plus ProBiotics Mega

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내이처스 플러스 GI Natural 프로바이오틱스 메가는 1정당 1200억 마리의 프로바이오틱  유익균을 공급합니다. 

NaturesPlus GI Natural Probiotic Mega provides 120 billion live probiotic bacteria delivered in a carefully formulated blend of 35 uniquely distinct and healthful strains that promote and improve total body wellness and vitality.

Gl Natural Probiotic Mega supports and balances the entire digestive system, from oral health to the all-important intestinal microbiome. Specially cultured for comfort and beneficial effects, Gl Natural Probiotic Mega delivers the comprehensive probiotic activity demanded to achieve optimal health.

• 120 billion live probiotic bacteria
• Formulated using clinically backed strains
• 35 uniquely distinct probiotic strains
• Microbiome-boosting blend
• Potentiated with prebiotic power

GI Natural Probiotics: Customized Just For You!