English computer vocabulary
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Computers are a big part of our everyday lives – at work, at home, out shopping…we encounter them everywhere.

Here is some common English computer vocabulary for you. I’ve also included common verbs associated with using computers. If you have questions about something that is not in this list, just let me know with a comment below. desktop computer – a personal computer that sits on desk (even though some parts may be under the desk or table); this is the traditional personal computer keyboard – a set of typewriter-like keys, made up of letters, numbers, and symbols that are used to enter information into a computer laptop – a small portable computer that you can easily and conveniently move from place to place; usually laptops fold down flat so that the screen and keyboard are protected and so the laptop can fit in a backpack or briefcase modem – a device that enables a computer to send data or information out to other devices through telephone or cable lines monitor – the visual display screen of the computer; where you look to get information from a computer mouse – a hand-operated electronic device that is used to controls the arrow or “cursor” on the computer screen; like the keyboard the mouse is an external way for controlling what you want to have happen in the computer port – this is a connection point on a computer, where external devices can be connected to the computer; ports include the places where you connect USBs, CDs, or DVDs as well as connection points for printers or the mouse touchpad – a small panel that is touch-sensitive and used like a mouse to control the arrow or cursor in a computer; these are usually found on laptops tower – the part of the computer that contains the majority of the electrical circuitry that runs a computer; generally this is a tall thin enclosure where the power button for the computer is found Common verbs used when computing: to drag and drop – to move something (a document or picture) from one part of the computer screen to another part to cut and paste – to remove text from one area in a written document and move it to another area in the document to freeze – to stop responding; this is when the computer screen won’t move/change no matter what you do to upload – to transfer or bring data from one computer device or file to another to download – to copy data from one computer system to another; usually people download information from the Internet to their computer to click – to press a button on a mouse or a touchpad in order to select something on the screen to log on/to log in – to enter a username and password in order to have access to a certain area in a computer or online

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